You wake up. You go to work. Go Home. Hang around. Go to sleep.

Thats fine for a while, but if you’re anything like me, it gets to the point where that gets you down. Personally I found myself feeling unfulfilled with what I was doing, and scrabbling around for a purpose in life. I do occasionally still feel that way, if you’re anything like that, here’s a few things I’m finding that helps.

1. Learning skills you want to learn. Dont learn something that might help your career.

I need to be motivated to learn something new, I also need to to be excited by it or I’m not going to bother. I tried going over the cisco CCNA course… to be honest it was the best way to go to sleep. So I quit that, and did a course in something I actually want to do (Adobe Dreamweaver / Flash).

2.  Getting more involved.

I got more involved with the youth club at church, when the guy who was leading it admitted to struggling with the commitment needed. I find that as well as focusing my time, it gives me an identity away from the world of 9 – 5 .

3. Look for your chance.

I’ve looked for other opportunities in work to expand  on what I already do (Technical support for a local company).

4. What ever happens – look for positive input.

If I could remember it – I’d tell you where I first read this, but cut down the amount of News that you watch. I find it far to easy to channel hop all the way to BBC News and stay there. The danger of this, is that you get fed a diet of death, disaster, and tragedy. Dont get me wrong I do feel its good to be in touch with whats going on in the world around us, but if we let ourselves become satuated in bad news, that bad news can seep down and affect our attitudes.

You can take the same idea and apply it to the music we listen to, and the books we read.


For a fair while now (maybe since it began) Facebook has had the ability to “like” peoples status updates. This was extended a few months ago to clicking “Like” on fan pages, groups pages, and so on.

Lets face it. Facebook is big and popular. There is always going to the be a competition between social websites to be ‘the” place that people record whats happening in their lives, as part of this competition, websites are going to mimic what each other are doing.

Is this the reason that WordPress now has a “like button”?

Rev Quote

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“If you’re a Vicar what are you doing smoking Fags?”

Trying to make sense of the church, and all that God stuff

The Church Sofa

Indescribable…The feeling of sitting down on your sofa. You have a drink in hand, control of the TV and for just that one brilliant, shining moment, all sits well with the world.

You then realise that maybe, just maybe you should be at Church…it is 11am on a Sunday after all, and you’ve kinda figured that this God thing works best in a group. So you get your ass off to Church, but you can’t tear your mind away from that sofa back at home.

The Church Sofa is a website from 2 blokes who love God, want to do the whole Church thing but feel more comfortable on that sofa.

Do or Dont Do God

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When you're running the church youth club, do you have  a God slot? If not why not? If you do? Why do you? If you feel you should, what do you do if the kids dont want it?

When you’re running the church youth club, do you have  a God slot? If not why not? If you do? Why do you? If you feel you should, what do you do if the kids dont want it?

Double Locks, ExeterProject 365

In case you’ve not heard of it. Project365 is when you take one photo each day, each month, for twelve months.

I like the idea of being able to keep track of a year, also taking a photo a day will hopefully both teach me to take better photos, and help keep me looking at things in a new way.

If you’re interested please check out my #project365 website.

Youth of a Nation. Looking at Dealing with the quarter life crisis.

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Youth Of A Nation

A while ago I came across a youtube video made by a university friend of mine. This video looked at the questions and feelings of growing up. A collection of feelings that I’ve found to be related to the theory of a quarter life crisis.

This had me wondering if it really is that bad.

The Youth of a Nation website is an attempt to investigate this.