If Jesus “tweeted” for Easter…

Posted: February 25, 2009 in Church, Easter, mutterings
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George Pitcher for the telegraph has commented on the new Live Life Live Lent campaign using Twitter.

He’s right wouldn’t it be great if people started receiving tweeter updates from “Jesus and the disciples” during Easter week. Example’s ┬ábeing:

Have decided to go to Jerusalem – it’s just something I must do….arrived on the back of a mule – lots of hossanahs and palm leaves, but a week’s a long time in Roman politics…Lost it a bit with the money-changers at the Temple, but they’re going to have to listen now…It’s all turned very dodgy – going to have Passover supper with the gang and don’t know when we might break bread again…Going to hand over to young John now, as I think I’m about to get nicked…Hi John here – shouldn’t be a problem, they always let a prisoner go at Passover…

Its almost worth checking to see if Jesus does have a tweeter account…

As a side note check out the CofE twitter page to see what is happening.


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