Delirious – My Soul Sings Live DVD / CD Review

Posted: March 19, 2009 in Music
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Delirious My Soul Sings Live DVD CD Review

Well after a long hot walk I finally pick this up at the last Christian Bookshop here in Exeter – admittingly a little more expensive but it did mean I didn’t have to fight it out with the Townsend Records website again.


Rain Down is very much a standard high energy opening, while God is Smiling carries the energy on, but showing the maturity of the later album. Bliss then breaks in with fantastic techno aggression. Things move down a tempo for a few tunes leading to the highlight of “How Sweet the Name”. Starting mellow before bursting forth with emotion.

History Maker marks the half way point of the concert. Standard Tune. All Delirious fans must have heard it, but you cant have a Delirious gig without it. 

Things continue in this standard almost boring tone…untill… Deeper Live! Listening to this made this long term Delirious saddo jump around his living room a little bit too much.

The first chorus of Majesty sounds beautiful sung in Spanish by Martin – which the crowd so obviously loved. The verses sung in English, the band leave the people there to fantastically sing their hearts out for the chorus. An all round beautiful song. Leading nicely in Paint the Town Red, which is probably where the production team have gone into over drive on, with great use of static, shaking camera’s, and lightning edits.

The gap between Paint the Town Red and the encore tunes does have a nice touch in which the cameras follow the band.

Kingdom of Comfort is the first encore, featuring the mock crown seen on the recent tour, being joined by a mock throne. I’m glad they’ve included this, the outro is captivating. Bringing the energy up a gear Star The Monster Down uses a fantastic amount of split screen to grab your attention. Good to see but I cant help why they dont make greater use of it, as the split screen mostly focuses on the same shot.

The Dvd wouldn’t be complete without My Soul Sings. The closing tune builds and builds in a beautiful piece of worship music.

Now to put the CD on…

  1. adventuresofabeautyqueen says:

    Hello there! Thanks for your review of this album, many of the things you said, i agreed with…

    I recently saw them in concert in Manila – the band’s first and last visit to Manila to perform, if we are to believe that this is their farewell tour.

    Anyway, I have a few interesting photos taken with my little point and shoot. You might want to check them out on my blog… thanks!!!

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