Free Graze Box

Posted: May 1, 2009 in Links, mutterings
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A while ago Anne reviewed Graze boxes from

I am looking forward to my Graze box coming through the post tomorrow!! For those who have never heard of Graze, have a look at their website here.

This is what a Graze box looks like. The three boxes change each time, according to your opinions to different fruit/seed/nuts/foods. You go through their long list of varieties and choose “Bin it”, “Try it”, “Like” or “Love”. Then using the results it puts together a box for you!

My first box was last Saturday, and I got white grapes, the love mix (dried apricots, cherries and goji berries) and roasted seed mix. Yum! Least keen on the dried apricots, and the white grapes weren’t the best I’d had, but I was pretty pleased. I munched on it over the weekend.

Well I was quite jealous from what I saw, so also decided to sign up! If you like what you see you can try your first one for free by going to and typing in the following code QGQKN1XB .


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