Princetown. A Tale of Two Pubs

Posted: May 9, 2009 in blogs, mutterings
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Heres something from the Beer Blog. The below is one of a few reasons why I’ve not blogged here for a while…

Recently we’ve picked up a small two person tent. We’ve already got a tent, but its almost too nice, in that its to big, bulky and hard to put up quickly making it not really good for a swift one night stay.

We decided to try it out at the camp site behind the Plume of Feathers pub. The site itself was basic but kinda did the job (just). The site itself is a simple field on a slight hill – so dont expect to be able to sleep on the flat. According to the pub they can host 70 pitches there. I wouldn’t like to be there if they ever do, as it must be rammed and well… the toilets aren’t great… be prepared for queues if there is ever 70 tents!

The Plume of Feathers that Saturday afternoon was very much typical Dartmoor pub affair. It had that old little country pub feel. The size of it being saved by a large number of tables outside. Perfect for a pint of Jail Ale.

Once our pints were finished we decided to go for a wonder and came across the Prince of Wales Inn. At first slightly put off by the dank exterior we wondered in once we saw the sign “We brew our own beer”. It turned out the beer they had was the same Jail Ale and Dartmoor IPA as they had up the road. What the Plume of the Feathers didn’t have was the same warm welcome as the Prince of Wales had.

One of the locals (I think he was called Mark) started nattering to us, and gave us a heads up about the Plume, basically commenting that they didn’t really cater for locals and it was very tourist aimed. Also he suggested to keep an eye on prices.

I probably should comment at this point that different pubs have different markets and I dont think a different approach is particulary a bad thing.

But. That Saturday night (after not finding room at the Plume of Feathers) we found ourselves back at the Prince of Wales, where we both had a large fantastic Duck meal for just over a tenner each.

Dartmoor Plume of Feathers Camp Site BreakfastThe next morning we found ourselves (after naff all sleep) at the Plume of the feathers for breakfast. Now the cafe round the corner from us does a fantastic breakfast, so we presumed that a breakfast at a pub in the middle of Dartmoor, which hosts a camp site would be great. Wrong. Warm cheap tasting orange juice sold in small wine glasses for 1.30 and a warm breakfast (not including toast) for about 4 quid stung a little bit. I’m not sure why we weren’t allowed to sit near or even in sight of the lovely roaring fire they had?

So in conclusion in you find yourself in Princetown, and fancy a nice pint outside in the Sun. Then go to the Plume of the Feathers. The outside is nice, it catches the sun, and looks like it has a fairly decent kids play ground (not tested).

If you want food, and a more welcoming atmosphere check out the Prince of Wales Inn 2 mins down the road.


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