Chris Moyles Talks Up Church!

Posted: June 15, 2009 in Church
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Alright I know I’m late but I can reckon this should be included on the blog. Chris Moyles – well known Loud Radio 1 DJ talking up a church service he saw on TV.

If Christian Radio was a bit more like this I would probably listen to it more!

  1. Steve says:

    As the author of the Youtube clip being discussed I have to say when I posted this on Youtube I didn’t expect it to go to 32,000 hits in just 14 days – possibly testimony to Chris’ popularity. But I also think there is a shared interest and genuine surprise that there are a growing number of substantial, contemporary and lively 21st century churches in the UK.

    This is because of their relevant and contextualised message of Jesus Christ – a person who just will not be stereotyped and who’s teaching still cuts through the rubbish and hopelessness in today’s society. The message is the same but the relevancy of it comes through crystal clear to a new generation searching for hope when the “wrapper” is right. I was not intending to promote Mega-Church in the UK but to simply highlight that God is on the move in his country and that this does not have to be viewed as “un-cool” any longer. Our responsibility is to GET THE WRAPPER RIGHT!

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