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Posted: June 28, 2009 in News
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Seems that today is an almost busy day on the Faith News Desk:

It has been announced today that medics will tell the British Medical Association that staff should be disciplined for talking about their faith. This is obviously against the backdrop of a number of stories over the last few months in which a number of members of the NHS have got into trouble for discussing their faith.

Now there are some people who dont like this idea, Terry Sanderson from the National Secular Society says;

If we say it is ok for doctors and nurses to provide spiritual care and pray for patients it can all too quickly get out of hand and we will have staff preaching on the wards.

Personnally whenever I visit people in Hospital the staff seem to busy and focused on patient care to stop and preach a sermon. Or maybe I just go to the wrong (or right) hospitals?


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