Purity Ring now available on the Iphone!?

Posted: July 15, 2009 in Church, mutterings, News, Weird Things that Christians Do
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Now for those who haven’t heard of them before, The Purity Ring is a device used by the  “Silver Ring Thing” which encourages kids not to have sex before they get married. I think the idea is that they pledge to not have sex, and the ring is a sign of that pledge.

Its a movement thats more popular in America then in the UK so dont be surprised if you’ve not heard of it.

Now while I agree with the aims and ideas of the course itself, I’m often wondering why there is so much hype of the importance of the ring itself. If you’re gonna have sex, I’m sure a silver ring wont stop you. With that in mind – I have to wonder would this new Iphone application do any good at all?

Maybe I’m just being a little cynical…?

fmylife story

BBC News

Silver Ring Thing


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