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Posted: July 23, 2009 in Church, News
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C of E Wedding Services to include baptism

Unmarried couples with children will now be able to baptise their children and get married in the same occasion.

The Church of England has issued new guidelines allowing the two ceremonies to be combined in one service.

The Church says it is responding to a real demand, and denies that the change will undermine its teaching on the sinfulness of sex outside of marriage.

Couples tying the knot will be able to take part in their children’s baptism or say a simple prayer of blessing.

BBC News – Read More

Now before I rant please note I have no problem with couples having kids before they’re married. Well – its not great – but it happens and I’m not great either. But I do wonder why this is all of a sudden ok, while people who have been divorced still struggle to find a C of E church that will marry them, also how does having ‘only’ a wedding service stop people from coming to Church? Whats wrong with people coming to church for two services?

I surpose I’m just a fan of a wedding, and the idea of  people trying to shove even more into the wedding day seems to cheapen it a little.


In the interests of being fair – here is a link to the C of E article on the subject.

Church offers Family Friendly Weddings

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