What was the Matrix about?

Posted: July 26, 2009 in Videos
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If like me you’re confused by the whole Matrix thing, I watched it lately add kinda wondered what that ending was all about it. You know…where everyone seems to die…Well some people reckon that Neo is meant to be Jesus. Personnally I think I prefer the theries on this site – Matrix101.

Personnally I like:

As The Oracle hoped, Neo goes to the machine city to broker peace, and ends up facing off against Smith. After a lengthy battle, The Oracle has one final move to make: Smith repeats her quote about everything having an end, giving Neo the final push he needs. He accepts his end, which unbalances the equation and gives control of a purposeless Smith to the machines. As Smith himself said “without purpose we would not exist”. Now that he’s destroyed Neo, his only purpose in coming back, Smith is left with nothing. The machines delete him.


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