Link Tuesday!

Posted: August 11, 2009 in Church, Links, Weird Things that Christians Do
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Welcome to Link Tuesday  Aka “If all the atheists in America drank beer together would they be streetwise?”

Or in other words, heres a quick round up of random bits I’ve come across:

1. Can drinking Beer be counted as an act of worship?

Gordon C. Stewart seems to think so:

Sometimes having a beer is a sacramental act, a kind of holy moment, a foretaste of the kind of world we seek, the dissolving of the divisions, community created boldly by grace out of the vain searches for innocence and the broken, rancorous claims of righteousness.

I so very agree!

2. Gordon Brown reckons that

the country’s values are still based on traditional religious teachings, and said it would be wrong if the devout were forced to keep their beliefs private.

More details about his interview can be found on the telegraph website.

3. Thanks to Proud Atheists for finding the below rant. Sadly showing the state of Christian Fundamentalism in America…

  1. Aaron says:

    Ugh! I cannot believe that as Christians who base our beliefs on the teaching of Christ that includes his model of spending time with “sinners” we can continue to be so hateful and vengful!

    I am certainly not trying to promote my blog by posting a comment, but you may be interested to read my most recent post about being a Christian who intentionally went to the Creation Museum in Peterburg, KY on the day that nearly 300 atheists were in attendance. Quite the eye-opening experience!

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