SPCK – The Story continues

Posted: August 22, 2009 in News
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(yes I know I may be a little late with this but anyway)

Long time readers of the blog may remember me (and other people on the net) following the demise the SPCK chain of bookshops, which seemed to happen almost as soon as the bookshop chain was brought by the St Stephen the Great Trust.

The BBC have reported that the ex members of staff have won a pay out after being sacked by the company.

If you dont remember what the whole SPCK / SSTG thing was, the BBC has summed it up nicely:

The union said SSG, controlled by American brothers Mark and Philip Brewer, tried to get staff to sign new contracts with longer hours, fewer holidays and poorer pension rights, after it took over the shops in 2006.

Workers were then dismissed between February and June last year, many via e-mail from the United States. Others heard the news from their colleagues, Usdaw said.

It may be worth noting that The Saint Stephen Trust website now simply says, Account Closed.

BBC Report


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