Satan Advertises Church

Posted: September 2, 2009 in Church
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The Metro South Church in America has hit upon a fantastic advertising idea, to get peoples attention and to get interested. They are using signs which say “this church sucks” or “this church makes me sick”. The boards are signed by Satan.

Personnally I think this is fantastic, but I cant help but think some people will take exception to it…

Satan Hates Metro:

Metro South Church:

  1. Jim Wolaver says:

    Of course some people will take exception to these billboards; people who already have chosen to oppose the church and will take exception to anything that promotes it.

    Sure, there will be other, well intended folks who don’t want to upset the kids. Those folks will do well to note that attempting to conceal a threat from our kids is not going to equip them to properly respond to it. In the case of drugs, we tell our kids about them and we teach them the response, “No!” If as parents we have done our jobs, our kids won’t be upset, they will be prepared!

    When I meet anyone from the first group who takes exception to this campaign, I will call upon the Lord!!! That is the example set by Jesus when confronted by Satan.

    If you are in the first group don’t explode trying to blast me, I will never read your responses. Realize I am not calling any reader Satan. In my opinion, Satan is the only force who would motivate exception. I don’t object any individual, but I do object to what some people let motivate them.

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