Christian Nurse Trouble at Exeter Hospital

Posted: September 20, 2009 in Church, News
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It seems that every few months a Christian gets into trouble for either praying, saying something “Christian”, or generally wanting to express what they believe. In this case Shirley Chaplin, an Exeter based hospital nurse has been taken off the wards due to her not wanting to stop wearing a cross around her neck.

Now a context to put this all in, Shirley Chaplin has been working for almost 30 years as a nurse, and it seems that she has been wearing this necklace ever since she was studying to become a nurse. Not wanting her to feel old, but this has been for longer then my life time.

All of a sudden her wearing a cross has become a matter of health and safety. I am not a health professional but I very much doubt patients have started stabbing themselves in the eye with any random cross that is within reach.

I would love to comment on how health and safety is important, and how no one is above those concerns, but there seems to be too many inconsistency’s. Such as necklaces being used by staff featured in advertising, other members of staff wearing them, and it seems concessions are made for people of other faiths. I dont want to say that this seems like the Exeter Hospital NHS trust is having a go at Christians, but everything seems to be pointing that way.

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  1. Anne says:

    I agree, I’ve commented more on my blog.

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