Delirious – The Final Tour

Posted: September 24, 2009 in Music
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Interesting Delirious? bits and pieces are starting to be mentioned about the final tour over November / December. First was a comment on the Delirious twitter account:

“Greatest Hits album canned and ready to print – looking great!”

And you know what??? I reckon it really does look great! Delirious album covers have normally been quite cool – but they have never looked this cool – with the band on the front cover before… (Track down the Glo cover to see what I mean)

But for long term fans, Martin Smith really did tease us all with this update on his Twitter…

“You may have heard but we have a great support band for our last tour. The Cutting Edge Band from Littlehampton. Happy Song??!! Mandolin??!!”

Is this a sign of a return to the manic old school Happy Song for one last time, or is it a big tease?

(By the way – The Sacred Fish is also on Twitter)

  1. vivian says:

    Dear Martin Smith of Delirious?
    A fellow musician informed me of the blank stares among his audience in a retirement/nursing home. I couldn’t help but think how alive this group would become if they could only listen to your music. I therefore offered to donate your music to this home. I love your group Delirious? even though you said you all had retired. Lord bring back Delirious? to us!

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