Christian Cross Row at BA

Posted: September 26, 2009 in Church, News
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Following on from looking at the Cross row at Exeter RD & E Hospital, it seems only right to look at the what is going on in London and a possible court case with BA.

Nadia Eweida was sent home from BA during 2006 over an argument about a new uniform policy change, which meant she couldn’t wear her Cross.

She has since returned to work when the uniform policy changed.

Now its looking like she is going to the Court of Appeal to overturn ruling that BA did not discriminate by asking her to stop wearing a cross at work, but she is making sure she doesn’t pay any costs in case she loses.

Now I cant help but (and sorry if I’m harsh), why is she bothering? She’s gone back to work, the uniform policy has been changed, and the very process of making sure she doesn’t pay costs – will must have to cost someone something!

BBC News


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