The great Delirious Review

Posted: October 18, 2009 in Music
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And on we move onto Three and Fore. Fore including an odd golf ball… An hint of the bands artistic nature when it came to the packaging of their CDs. This cd begins with the huge roar of “Did you feel the mountains tremble?”, which looking back at it, it can almost be described as prophetic with Smith singing about the music playing and that God will bring a new music. Considering the bands future this song really was a taste of things to come.

The second tune of the album I’ve found Jesus is one of those tunes that even though it was big during the Cutting Edge years – it was always a staple of the gigs of the time – it never really made it pass the cutting edge years. Probably simply because the song is quite simple, doesn’t show any maturity.

“I’m not ashamed”, became an anthem of band and fans while the singles were released. This tune following them around for a number of years.

The CD closes with “Obsession”. Dark. Haunting. Honest, and worshipful, this really does define a worship track from Delirious. The song builds and builds before launching in to the emotional climax of the tune. Can anyone else say “early version of Investigate?”

Like “1 and 2”, its still an uneven CD to listen to, but its bear in mind its two EP’s chucked together, by guys that were not a full time band at that time. With tracks like “Louder Then The Radio”,  “All I Want is You”, “I’m not Ashamed”, and “Obsession” – we’re given a healthy sampling of the power pop / rock mix that we’re treated to as the Delirious experience.


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