The Grand Delirious Review – King of Fools

Posted: October 25, 2009 in Delirious Farewell Tour, Music
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There was a fresh buzz about Christian Music back in the late nineties.   This band from the south east of England was releasing their first proper – full length studio album… and it turned out pretty amazing. If you visit a Christian couple in their twenties / thirties these days – theres a fairly high chance they have this CD in their collection.

The theme of the album continues on with the positive pop tinged with worship roots  that ran through Cutting Edge Fore.

Highlights of the album include the radio single “Deeper” (a theme tune of my teenage life), the catchy worship of “Revival Town”  , and the Rock emotion of “Promise”. Its the back to back tracks of harder emotion of “Promise” and “King or Cripple” that probably gives the strongest flavor of the next studio album.

No review of King of Fools will be complete without mentioning “History Maker”. A song that grew out of the album to have its own life on the road and at youth worship events the world over.  The album version of this song sadly continues with the gentle pop sound, not managing to capture the raw energy of the song live. Thats to come in the next CD…

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