The Grand Delirious Review – Mezzamorphis

Posted: November 6, 2009 in Music
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Now what can be said about a Christian CD that prompted such a huge storm over such a simple lyric? The combination of less direct worship, and the “pretty as hell” line led to some crazy crazy out bursts online that Delirious had “sold out”.

Hopefully the gift of time has led to these opinions being reevaluated, and hopefully being are now able to see what a great album this actually is. I would normally talk about the high lights of the album, but really… I’m not sure where I’d start.

Where if I slagged the album off, I’d say something like: “Why would they want to release See The Star as a single? It really wasn’t very good”. That moan was more then compensated a year later when the sublime “Its Ok” was released. A beautiful track that any band would be proud of recording.

This really was an album that increased the quality expectation for any Christian band. Ever.


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