Doctor Who – Wars of Mars Review

Posted: November 16, 2009 in Geek, Videos
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If you could change time, would you?

If you could change time. Should you?

What might happen if things were different?

Waters of Mars

Waters of Mars

This was a familar doctor who setting, yet the tone itself was dark and unsettling. The doctor arrives at a location, and gets a gun shoved in his face, story very quickly follows the “base under seige” idea that has been part of doctor who history for many years. The difference here is that the doctor knows what’s coming. He knows he shouldn’t be there, and does try to leave a number of times, before he finally snaps. waters of Mars review Admittingly it is the sound if people dying that prompts him to act and turn around, and does what he knows he shouldn’t. So I suppose the question is, is it ever ok to do the wrong thing for the right reasons? This is not a story about an infection on Mars, this is about the Doctor losing his mind, if only for a moment. Great effects, great story, and great acting, this was Doctor Who at it’s very best.


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