The Grand Delirious Review – Audio Lessonover?

Posted: November 17, 2009 in Music
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Every band out there, ever since a group of mates first thought they should play instruments in time with each other, have (probably) released an album which the fans didn’t really get. In a way this was probably Delirious’ album. Not that its bad, I just remember people getting a little confused about it – and well being a bit “eh?” about it. If I had to make a guess at why people are so “eh?” about this CD, I’d put it down to the lack of anthems that make you want to scream along to it.

Audio Lessonover was in fact repackaged, and restructured when it was released to the American market.

This wasn’t too bad, the opening tunes were a little empty headed and poppy, the Love is The Compass / Alien / Angel In Disguise trilogy was beautiful… You want to hear Angst?  Listen to “Alien” – from what I remember that was about it…

Now. That was how I remembered it.

Listening to the CD again after – a fair while later… Well this album ages well. Yes the two opening tracks are quite poppy, but man you want to sing along, be it to the lalalas of Waiting for The Summer, or screaming to the chorus of Take Me Away – which has a drum solo to die for…

The previously mentioned  Love is The Compass / Alien / Angel In Disguise trilogy is still amazing, ranging from praise to God, to screaming at the universe, to singing of the protection that your partner offers you from the world in just over 10 minutes.

Rollercoaster continues the confusion that Alien screamed about, while the love song, “There is an Angel” could be from a movie soundtrack – and possible still should be.

Now Bicycle Gasoline was(like most of this second half) one of the tracks I didn’t get, with lyrics like:

She don’t need no bicycle gasoline,
She just needs her violets.

It was just a little odd for me at time, and well musically, it is a little too chilled. I just didn’t like it. But now it appeals to the grown up deep inside me that just wants to escape from the world. All You Need is Love, was another one I didn’t get at the time … but with its combination of dark moody verses, and beautiful feel good chorus… I kinda want it played in Bristol now!

Show me Heaven feels like it was recorded at the same time as Waiting for Summer, and on the relisten… still doesn’t great. Sounds too poppy. Needs to be grittier, a song that could have been amazing.

Track 12. America. Almost prophetic. Released the month before the Sept 11th attacks. Interesting song about global unity.

Stealing Time, the final (proper) song from the album. Sums up the themes of the CD. Frustration at not doing what you’re aiming for in the world, and wanting needing to spend more time with the important people in your life.

If you have this gathering dust, dig it out. Give it a listen. Its worth it.


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