The Grand Delirious Review: The Final Trilogy

Posted: November 25, 2009 in Delirious Farewell Tour, Music
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As the last three albums follow a different lyrical path then what had gone before I’ve decided to look at them as a series of three. Instead of directly trying to pursue the mainstream there is a closer worship / traditional rock line walked then ever before:

World Service

Delirious - World ServiceThis album has a number of themes, it has the global theme of mission and service, Grace, and the darkness and heart break of life and death. This worldwide theme continues over the trilogy that we’ll look at, but its the realism of   life that really does colour this CD.

Style wise, there is an earthly sense of worship about the songs. Its worship for your man on the street, Delirious sounds like an English rock band, doing what they do best. (Can you see where I’m going here?) The songs themselves are fantastic. Stand outs include the German single Inside Outside, the tear jerking Every Little Thing, and Mountains High. This last song offering no answers in the face of the death of a loved one.

The only answers are in the next song, with the lyrics;

I Love your ways, they are beautiful…

No answers, but there are sign posts to the almighty instead.

The Mission Bell

Delirious Mission BellWhere World Service sounded like it was designed for a global audience, this has the sort of sound that is perfect for a CCM shelf in your local cheesy Christian bookshelf.  Perfectly found between different cheesy American pop bands. No I dont just dislike this, this is worse then that.

Mission Bell opens with a limp laid back tune, followed by a boring pop tune, topped up with Solid Rock. Solid Rock featuring TobyMac one part of American band DC Talk. Seriously… why?

Its not all that bad. Miracle Maker is a rock tune of epic proportions, a brief chance to scream out your emotions, during an album that mostly makes you want to sleep.

Kingdom of Comfort

Delirious - Kingdom of ComfortNow this is a better.

Lyrics that instead of trying to give answers , offer comfort instead. Musically it has more of the Miracle Maker grit and screaming, then the DC talk style cheese.

This album is so good, if it was their last studio album it wouldn’t be surprising.

No… wait….


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