A Comment from a Fan

Posted: December 11, 2009 in blogs

Language Warning…I’ve had the following comment on the slightly cheeky post Weird Things That Christians Do, and thought best to publish it, rather then let it hide away with the older stuff:

Jesus Christ! this is the most helpful website i have ever been to(dont take this as a compliment) im glad that someone agreees with me on the fact that Christians are wierd, inappropriate arrogant homophobians! Fricken hell! Have ever heard God in human shoes what a load of garbage shit! Fuck Christians and their stupid fukin beliefes about jesus and donkeys. Just go shove a cross up your ass for all I fukin care. Dipshits. If Jesus was real( which i assure you he isnt) then why do so many bad shit happens in this fukin world? He did not fukin save us from our fukin sins. Anyway, what is the meaning of not being able to have sex before marriage? What fukin bull shit! If I want to Fuk someone then noones gonna stop me so get over it faggot. well, is there anything else I havent complained about? Christians Are also soooooo homophobic. What the Fuk? I f someone wants to go screw someone from the same sex then they can go ahead with it. And if Christians are so great then why the hell did they stop the gay parade that was gonna take place in Bunbury?Fukin cunts!

Cant help but wonder why you’re looking on a Christian blog, if you’re so angry with Christians?


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