Wesley Owen: The official word

Posted: December 21, 2009 in Church, Wesley Owen
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With thanks to the Church Times Blog:

Press Release: Carlisle December 21st 2009
The Board of Trustees and Senior Management of leading Carlisle-based Christian Charity, IBS-STL UK, formerly known as STL are pleased to announce the sale of two of its three trading divisions: Authentic Media and STL Distribution, as well as the sale of a significant number of its retail stores that comprise the third trading division: Wesley Owen. A large number of jobs have been secured as a result of the sale and the Charity’s mission of ‘Advancing the Christian Faith’ will continue.

The management team has worked closely with the Baker Tilly Corporate Finance LLP over the last month to secure the sale of all or part of the Charity’s business units. Completion of the sale agreements is expected to be finalised by the weekend with the new owners taking control immediately thereafter. This is regarded as extremely good news and ends a period of uncertainty and anxiety for many of our employees.

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  1. Kim Ratcliffe says:

    I am saddened at the possibility of the Manchester branch of Wesley Owen closing. This branch is a God send to Christians in Manchester looking for Christian Resources for study as well as worship and personal devotions. I will not only miss the access to resources, I will also miss the staff who are extremely knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I do hope and pray that this and the other stores in danger of closure will be saved even if in the last hour.

  2. sacredfish says:

    I’m shocked to hear that the Manchester store may close. Its been probably my best experience of any Christian shop, ever.

    Being a student in Manchester, the Wesley Owen store gave me a great chance to experience new music, check out new books, and sample some fantastic hot chocolate.

    Hopefully considering the large amount of Christian organisations in the Manchester area such as The Message Trust, and Kings Church – someone must be able to help out. Someone?

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