Has the Manchester Wesley Owen been saved?

Posted: January 21, 2010 in Wesley Owen
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I can’t believe I’ve missed this, but I’ve seen this on the Manchester Wesley Owen Facebook page:

Hi, firstly i’d just like to thankyou all for your support and prayers we really appreciate it, secondly i’m very happy to tell you all that a buyer has been found for wesley owen manchester! http://www.nationwidechristiantrust.com
we will still be closing down but we will reopen in the not to distant future!

Obviously fantastic news to hear, but I cant see any mention of this on the Nationwide Christian Trust website? Hopefully its due to lack of ability to update the site more then lack of willingness to officially update people with the above news.

  1. Phil Groom says:

    Negotiations are in progress: Nationwide Christian Trust Confirmed as Bidders for Remaining Wesley Owen Stores

    NCT won’t make an official announcement until things are firmed up, but things are looking up: much depends on local churches co-operating. Please continue to pray…

  2. […] 28, 2010 by sacredfish Following from the post last week – “Has the Manchester Wesley Owen been Saved?” The Nationwide Christian Trust has announced a vision for the hight street, which suggests […]

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