Structured v non-structured youth club

Posted: February 20, 2010 in Youth Club Diaries, youthwork
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Here’s something that myself and a few others are struggling to get our heads around;

How structured should a youth club be?

The joy of having a structure is that people know what to expect, and… In a way… It’s easier to get the quieter types involved in what’s going on, but we have found structured activities to be a challenge at time. What do you do if your young people dont want to be involved? Also if something untoward happens, and someone needs to be taken to one side for a ‘chat’, how do you do that with out having a knock on affect on how the current activity is staffed?

So how about if you go for the other extreme? What if you set a few games up, and let them at it? Are they going to get bored? Will it give the leaders the chance to actually speak to the guys that turn up? Or is it going to end in mayham?

I’ll let you know how it goes, but do you have any experience in this? What type of format do you think works best?


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