Do we fill in the gaps to much?

Posted: March 21, 2010 in Youth Club Diaries

Probably the oddest thought that I came away from the Exeter youthwork conference yesterday was, “Do we try and teach too much?”

Dont get me wrong, I do believe that Christian youth clubs should have some sort of Christian teaching involved, and we are looking to bring some back into our own youth club, but I wonder how much we should try and teach the mostly non-church crowd that does turn up.

Maybe (at least to start with), instead of teaching, we should be introducing? For example, instead of spending 5 minutes of trying to get the kids to listen to who / what we believe God is, we should be spending 5 minutes asking them what they think about God?

Then maybe the next week could be spent asking them to count the amount of hair on someones head, guess how many grains of hair are in a bottle, and any other impossible challenges. We could link these challenges into Psalm 139 – and gently move onto the next activity.

Maybe we simply need to introduce the questions, and not have to spend too much time with the answers?


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