Delirious – The History Makers Single

Posted: March 28, 2010 in Music
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There are a few other titles I considered giving this blog post, “crazy bid to force Church music on the general public” was one, “Facebook Fans in single bid” was another.

For those that are unsure of what I’m talking about, a few months ago, inspired by the Rage Against The Machine Christmas single, a couple of groups sprung up on Facebook with the aim of getting a Christian song to number 1 over Easter.

That tune ended up being “History Maker” from the classic Delirious album “King of Fools”. Now thats where I become a little bit of a cynic. Why would I want to buy a copy of a song that I already have, and well… to be honest… the studio version sounds very 90’s pop.

On that note its not really the most accessible tune really is? Isn’t there other tunes that Radio1 may prefer?

I suppose that the good news is that you can also download a live version of the tune. Still not really radio friendly, but it does capture the  excitement of the song far better then the studio version. If you like the song you may as well help the cause and download the live track – which acts as a preview for the release of the final concert…

Buy live version from iTunes
Buy single version from iTunes
Invade The Airwaves
Christian music topping the UK Charts! Facebook Group


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