Doctor Who: The Eleventh Hour Review

Posted: April 4, 2010 in Doctor Who
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“I’m the Doctor, I’m worse then everybody’s Aunt”
The Doctor

Has there ever been a Doctor Who episode so filled with expectation? A new doctor, a new companion, and a new producer – and its not just any new producer – its Steven Moffat! For those who dont know, if you think about some of the best Doctor Who episodes over the last few years, the chances are he wrote them.

So does it live up to expectation?

In short yes.

In a story that starts with a crack in a wall, and ends with everything being new, Steven Moffat continues his tradition of trying to find the scary in the ordinary. I can imagine kids round the country finding the man with his dog, and the ordinary woman with the girls, both creepy and memorable.

The location also makes a nice change, moving away from London, the episode is set in a normal town / village – where its a lot less exciting and a lot more normal.

I could sing the praises of this episode all night long, but I will skip to my main gripe about the new series… the theme tune just feels a little wrecked…

Themes of note include the young Amy praying to Santa, the pain of growing up, hero worship, pain of being let down all your life, and would you run away from your life if you could?

The main problem with this… It sets expectation for episode two…

“Silence will fall”
Prisoner Zero


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