Doctor Who: The Beast Below

Posted: April 12, 2010 in Doctor Who
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“Nobody human has anything to say to me today”
The Doctor

Well with the first episode done, and the job of introducing the new cast dealt with, the next task is to introduce Amy to other worlds and times. As well as the showing people what a ‘normal’ doctor who episode may look like.

Throughout the episode I found myself warming to Matt Smith as the Doctor. Moving away from the action hero approach of David Tennants Doctor, the 11th Doctor brings a sense of alien wonder and investigation to the role. Amy Pond was also brilliant, not only given more to do then just asking questions, but has also been set up as a character that tries to protect the Doctor.

In this case it was a protection that the Doctor didn’t want, going as far talking about taking her home. She was trying to protect him from an impossible choice, keeping the people of “United Kingdom” safe, or setting free the tortured Star Whale. Amy redeems herself by seeing the whales true motives.

It seems we now have a little matter of some Daleks to deal with…


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