Why should I vote for who?

Posted: April 14, 2010 in General Election 2010
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Well this election lark has been going for a bit of time, and to be honest I’m probably feeling more disengaged then before. So to try and work how I should vote:


Well I’ve received an email from David Cameron. I’m not sure how because it was sent to an email address I dont give out, and I’m not sure what it said –  but at least they’ve tried to get my attention. I’ve found the local MP on twitter, but it seems to be mostly him slagging off the Tory party.


Labour dont seem to have one, the photo of the local Lib Dem guy is grumpy, and have you seen the tory manifesto? I cant help but find David Cameron just a bit rubbish when he talks.


Well there is only one that I know of – it seems that the conservative party is thinking about about giving married couples a tax break. I dont know what this means, but as I’m married it does sound good. Will it actually happen? I doubt it.

Who annoys the least:

Sadly. If the election was tomorrow, it might actually come down to which party annoys me the least.

I cant help but find the Tory idea of helping them govern a little lazy. Dont get me wrong – if they have a job going I’ll apply, but to be blunt I’m kinda busy right now. Also, this idea about parents running their own school… is it me or is that plain simple comedy. If parents setup and run their school – whats the point of teachers and the experience they bring?

In regards to Labour – I’ve found out that our local MP supported the Digital Economy Bill, so I wouldn’t vote for him.

I guess that leaves the Lib Dem Party

Thats my opinion as it currently stands, if you’re involved with politics or any of the main parties, please feel free to try and change my mind.


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