Doctor who: The Victory of the Daleks

Posted: April 19, 2010 in Doctor Who
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“Would you care for some tea?”

I know it’s an odd comment to open with when reviewing a Dalek episode… But the new theme tune seems to be growing on me. On that note Matt Smith is still growing as the Doctor, showing a less over the top performance then David Tennent. I enjoyed how his Doctor tried convincing Winston Churchhill of the Dalek menace before taking more direct measures.

The reveal of the Dalek was a beautiful moment, Matt Smith showing a lovely mix of upset and confusion.

The plot… Let’s face it… Is a little nuts. The whole episode is basically an excuse to relaunch the Daleks as the evil nasties that they really are. As opposed to being the generic monsters of the last few years this plot reestablishes them as puppet monsters. It cuts them free of the time war story line.

I can’t help but feel this episode is about more then this week. It about setting up the Daleks as more intelligent opponents, and asking – Why doesn’t Amy Pond know about the daleks?


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