Doctor Who – The Time of Angels

Posted: May 2, 2010 in Doctor Who

“Is Riversong your wife?”
Anyone who has ever watched Steven Moffets previous episodes shouldn’t really be surprised by the start of this.  The Doctor is summoned from the future, by his possible wife, using a box that ended up in the past.

Can anyone else say Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey?

An example of Doctor Who at its darkest and possibly most scary. The action picks up early in the episode as Amy is attacked by the Angel coming out of the screen itself. Not the most original move, but all the best Doctor Who stories are rip offs.

“You’re just a recording, you cant move”

Credit has to be made for the twist. Did anyone really see that coming? Yet its so clever when you watch it again its so obvious. The finale itself is both tense and emotional. Is this the moment when 11 becomes the Doctor for a new generation? Only time will tell.

The second episode carries on straight away, and I cant help but wonder if this is the one main flaw to the story. The two episodes watch like a feature length movie – not a bad thing really, but it did make episode 2 feel like I was watching a movie from halfway through.

Personnally I’m glad to see the series arc progressed as the series goes on. Hopefully the days of a “key word” are gone. (Example being “Torchwood” muttered almost every episode in series 2)

Anyone that thinks the seduction scene at the end was uncomfortable to watch, should maybe take the whole episode on the whole. Is Amy just being insecure and confused? Either way I think Doctor Who is safe from romance for a while at least.

What this series of Doctor Who does seem to be doing is that its asking questions. What will the Church look like in the future? What should it be doing now? What are peoples perceptions of it? And on a totally different track – How can you tell if two people are married? How do they act around each other? How can you tell if you can really trust someone?

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