Doctor Who – Amys Choice

Posted: May 22, 2010 in Doctor Who

Now this I liked.

You are presented with 2 worlds. 2 choices. Which would you choose? The perfect existence which doesn’t seem right, or the doubt filled existence with hope for the future?

First the bad
Still has a little bit of silliness at times… I can’t help but wonder if this was filmed or at least written at around the same time as Vampires of Venice. I cant help but get the feel that its trying to err towards silly CBBC acting at points – the bench scene and the aliens being the main stand outs of this.

“How can you tell your dreaming when you’re in the dream?”

Now for the good…
I have to admit that I’m a sucker for the questions about who the Doctor is, I’m also a sucker for the darker toned episodes. So I’m sure you can guess, I got into the episode fairly quickly. I couldn’t help but also feel if the episode was trying to say something about growing up, with plenty of comments about not seeing the Doctor when you’re older.

“We have to grow up eventually”

I do want to make special note of Rorys death scene – is there a hint about something to come there?

The invasion of the old people… Nuts but weirdly affective.. Does that sum up this season?

No idea how you could be here, but there’s only one person in the universe that hates me as much as you do

One last question… The dream lord turned out to be the darkside of the doctor… What would our darksides look like?


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