Doctor Who: The Hungry Earth / Cold Blood

Posted: May 31, 2010 in Doctor Who
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“There are fixed points through time, where things must always stay the way they are. This is not one of them, this is an opportunity…”

Doctor Who - Cold Blood / The Hungry Earth SiluriansThe first episode begins with a grand opening shot, establishing a few of the main characters and where they are, before moving onto a small set designed to suggest a larger operation.

This could almost be an episode from Doctor Who from back in the 1970’s. To the extent the plot is almost a combination of two old stories mixed together. When watched together this story shows a maturity that isn’t always apparent this series – watch the Vampires of Venice again and compare that to this.

I mention a maturity, but sadly that can go hand in hand with a notable lack of fun… Episode 1. Well i surpose there is a lot of talking, and alot of “scene setting”. The most dramatic moment must be just over ten minutes in when Amy Pond is sucked under the earth. The episode doesn’t drag by any means but I suppose its  shame that it doesn’t end  as the Silurian approaches Amy with the intent to dissect her – it would have been a far bigger and less understated ending.

The second half picks up the action quickly with a vast increase in the speed of the plot, but does become gradually darker in tone. Treading old ground it covers  what people will do to protect land they feel entitled to. Chris Chibnell does a fantastic job of making it obvious that the Silurians are not the typical monster, that just like humanity, the ‘monsters’ are very much like ourselves.

Its an old story, but with the current state of the planet its worth while  repeating.

There is the chance for peace, but sadly fear gets in the way and stops that from happening.

Thankfully, in the second part, even though the pace slows right down, things kick off when the chance for peace does break down. A small bit of corridor running, followed by a base under siege, leads to a fantastic finale.

So its time for the big questions. Is Rory really dead?  And what on earth happens to the TARDIS???


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