The Bloke’s Bible

Posted: May 31, 2010 in Reading List
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I have to admit. I dont read much. Not because I struggle reading to myself or anything, its a little about lack interest in anything thats found in books, but mostly because I have other things that I prefer doing…watching TV, DVDs, Web Design, drinking Beer, winning at Mario Kart etc etc…

I’ve also had my own issues with the church in the past. Mostly around the impression I’ve had that people in church are overly positive compared to what life is really like in the outside world. (I’ve moved past this a fair bit over the last few years).

Why I am telling you this? Simply because I cant help but think “The Blokes Bible” has written for me.

Dont think of it as a Bible as such, I would describe more as a set of Bible notes. Each chapter (that focuses on a Bible verse) is short, and split into two sections. The first is a retelling of the Bible passage in question, the second is Dave’s musings on the Bible passage in question. These musings are normally based around his local pub, and can include the landlord, the landlords daughter, and unemployed Dad.

This is an honest book that is set in real life. A refreshing change to most Christian books out there, with the added advantage that it encourages you to look afresh at the Bible itself.

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