Was there not another way?

Posted: May 31, 2010 in World News
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I’ve been watching BBC News 24, and reading a few bits and pieces online, in an attempt to get my head around the situation in Gaza.

From the sounds of it. The aid ship tried breaking the blockade to the Gaza Strip – so therefore Israel had a number of police / special forces attempt to storm the ship. At which point it seems that the people on the ship tried to fight them off with knives, catapults, and Molotov cocktails… The guys trying to storm the ship fought back with automatic weapons.

Lets say the comments about the flotilla trying to break the blockade is true. What did Isreal think was going to happen when they send armed men onto the ship?

Was time not taken to try and prevent the ship from going through the blockade, without resorting to a risky forced boarding of armed ‘police’ onto the ship?

It seems the ship had some banned materials on it… Can someone please explain why concrete is banned?

Why cant we (the international community) have a clear picture of whats happening in Gaza? Something tells me that 100 aid lorries a week aren’t enough.

I just cant help but wonder if there was another way.

BBC News

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