Doctor Who: Vincent And The Doctor

Posted: June 7, 2010 in Doctor Who
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“Theres so much more to the world then the average eye is allowed to see…”

Vincent Van Gogh

Now this was an odd kettle of invisible fish. With a bunch load of challenges. Firstly how do you deal with the grief experienced for someone you cant remember?

Then how do you deal with mental illness during a family TV show?

Also how on earth do you the above – with out forgetting the monster that just has to be in a Doctor Who episode!!!

If you’re Richard E Curtis, writing with Steven Moffat – its a beautiful character driven episode, where the monster is somewhere between an afterthought and a metaphor. Where themes like death, depression, and hopelessness are nestled next to joy, colour, and life.

Yes its a slow burner of an episode, but it gives us some of the best moments of the 11th Doctor yet. If you’ve not watched it yet… Go to iPlayer and watch it now!

  1. JOnKEnna says:

    This one seems to have won most people over. It was great, wasn’t it? Like the review.

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  3. Łowiczanka says:

    I agree this is a great show. Interesting that it focuses on Vincent, and the monster is secondary. The “wobbly set” production values of this current Doctor Who season fits perfectly with Van Gogh’s Impressionism. But it was Amy’s love for the artist, and the actor’s portrayal of Van Gogh’s emotions that won me over. Please read my blog here at wordpress:
    which talks about how Vincent could see things we cannot..

  4. Joe says:

    Nicely understated review. My own take on the story ran on a bit (It’s at if you’re interested), but you’ve summed it up quite well. This was a very character-driven episode, and clearly one of the best not only of the season, but since the series returned. You might say the van Gogh episode made a positive impression on me.

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