Doctor Who: The Pandorica Opens

Posted: June 19, 2010 in Doctor Who
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Where do I start?

(only read on if you’ve watched the episode)

Well it finishes with the Doctor trapped, Riversong in the TARDIS – as it explodes, Amy dying as she is shot by her boyfriend…who isn’t really alive… and all this is going on as the universe folds in on itself.

The episode opens with a few fan pleasing cameros from this seasons guest stars, all working together (in a way) to get a message to the Doctor. Thankfully these appearances don’t seem to over the top as the action moves on fairly quick to the Roman era of English history.

Doctor Who - The Pandorica Opens Concept Art from Unreality ShoutWho is Russell T Davies?

I could rave on about this episode – I’ll try and make sense.

All credit has to be given to the scene that shows how many nightmares are just out of sight. Riversong announcing the types of ships that flew over the earth, with the chorus of voices in the background was an excellent way of describing the level of the threat, without showing to much.

That cyberman!! How many epsides have the cybermen been in, since they last felt like they had a threat? Was it back in the 80’s when they last felt like the stuff of nightmares, because tonight was intense. That cyberman marching on Amy Pond was one of THE moments of this series. Fantastic stuff.

From here on, the puzzle pieces start to fall into place a little more, yet… more questions are asked…

How the heck does the Doctor get out the box? Can the Mosaic of monsters really be working together? What was in Amys House? Why does her house have so many rooms? And have I been reduced to a dribbling wreck of a fanboy?

David Ten… Who?

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