To “do God”, or not “Do God” part 2

Posted: June 22, 2010 in Youth Club Diaries, youthwork
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Ok. So you’re part of a church, there are a number of activities going on, but you’ve noticed you dont have anything for children / young people in your church or local area during the mid week.

You decide to lay on a few games, set up a pool table, get a wii setup, and some young people have decided to come along. The thing is, you’re a church youth club, and part of you feels like you should be teaching anyone that comes along about God and the Bible.

But why?

I would imagine the reasons why you may want to talk about God, may well depend on the reasons why your church wanted to set up a youth club in the first place.

Maybe you dont think having any Christian input is the way forward? Maybe you want to build up relationships with the people that come along, and then talk about God at a later stage.

Both approaches have merit.  But the most challenging comment that was passed to me was “What makes a Christian youthclub, Christian?”

Sorry no answers here – but maybe something to ponder.


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