Well I’m not sure what to say here.

I’m a bit of a geek who’s working for a technical support desk at the moment. After a bit of time going to church on a bit of a part time basis, a few things happened and I found a Church I love and that gets me excited about being a Christian. As a result of this, I still find myself asking questions, and generally trying to work out the church, and why Christians seem to be so weird. I’m involved in helping with some of the youth and childrens work at the church, and the list of games we gathered up are the reason why I put together The Sacred Fish Project. Its idea was to be somewhere, where I could share some of the ideas of games we had done.

Sometimes I get odd little images come into my head while listening to a sermon, so I’ve started putting my drawings / pictures / scribbles up on this blog. They’re mostly very simple, but I hope someone likes them at least a little bit.

So yeah… Went on for a bit there. Hope it makes sense. But thats what this blog is about.

Please feel free to drop me a email, or follow me on Twitter!

  1. Phil Groom says:

    “why Christians seem to be so weird”… it’s the beards, mate, especially on the women: well weird…

  2. andrewgsu says:

    I had some click outs on my wordpress blog to your site. Interesting to meet you, so i thought i would say hello! My site is http://www.assemblyideas.wordpress.com
    good looking site
    Can’t see an rss feed onhere: could be useful then i can follow your posts.


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