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The Church Sofa

Indescribable…The feeling of sitting down on your sofa. You have a drink in hand, control of the TV and for just that one brilliant, shining moment, all sits well with the world.

You then realise that maybe, just maybe you should be at Church…it is 11am on a Sunday after all, and you’ve kinda figured that this God thing works best in a group. So you get your ass off to Church, but you can’t tear your mind away from that sofa back at home.

The Church Sofa is a website from 2 blokes who love God, want to do the whole Church thing but feel more comfortable on that sofa.


Rev. Quote

Posted: July 17, 2010 in Church, TV Shows
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Dear Lord, I haven’t got long but can I ask for protection for Colin. I mean… I know he’s testing but I’m worried he’s about to get a kicking…

For those people who haven’t heard of her, Jennifer Knapp was a semi famous Christian singer back in the late 90s. I say semi famous because… well you’d have to have known about Christian music to have heard of her. (It may have been different in America).

I’m starting to see her name pop up again on Twitter and various RSS feeds. Not because her first album in nearly ten years is any good but because she has come out as being gay… oh… and she has a new album as well.

Cross Rhythms has an interesting article called Jennifer Knapp’s sexuality causes controversy in US Christian retail – it asks stores in America if they are stocking her new album… and asks why not. The response mostly seems to be “no – no one has heard of her”. Where stores have taken her album of the shelves, the sentiment seems to be “Thank God for Grace”.

I cant help but wonder if the Christian Press has made a bigger deal out of Jennifer Knapp being a lesbian then is needed, and in the process giving her a bag full of free publicity.

While we’re on the topic, has anyone heard the new album – if so, is it any good?

Cross Rhythms

Christianity Today

As someone who goes to Church and doesn’t drink tea or coffee… I did enjoy:

This is wrong adam, you know coffee should be served in Church.

Church v KFC

Posted: June 16, 2010 in Church, News
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Well I read about St James Church in Oldham losing the fight against KFC opening a drive through, and we started wondering about possible positive reactions they could be doing:

  1. Sing Louder.
  2. Have youthgroup meetings there (righteous revenge?)
  3. Neighbourhood cleanups  (invite the press?)
  4. Sign up to the Twitter account.
  5. Ask KFC to sponsor  events.
  6. Get Mr Plumpton to smile.
  7. Instead of going to the pub after the evening service – go to KFC.
  8. Instead of going to the pub for Sunday lunch – go to KFC…

There’ll be more when I think of them…

As I mentioned last week, I’m trying to get back into the habit of sharing some websites that have caught my attention, or websites that are self promotion.

The first is a case of self promotion. The Scribbled games website is a collection of games and ideas that can be used in youth and childrens clubs. It has had a few changes of late, and I’m still not sure if I’m happy with the lay out of the page. Any feed back is welcome!

The BMS Worldmission site was mentioned at housegroup this evening, I have to admit I forgot how good it was. I’ve noticed it now has a campaigns blog – which could be an amazing read if it was kept upto date. Its a shame, as looking over some of the updates it could be a great addition to the Christian blogosphere. (Edit – Follow them on Twitter – they have less followers then me)

Finally if you’re into watching British Sci-fi, you maybe interested to read this about Torchwood (if you’ve not already heard).

As long term readers will have gathered, my mind sometimes wonders away from itself. This happens on a fairly regular basis, more often when listening to a sermon, reading the bible, or generally thinking about life.

This can and does seem to lead to playing with Adobe Fireworks, just to see what happens.

There is now a home for all my scribblings / cartoons / and other images which can be found at

Please feel free to check it!