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Youth of a Nation. Looking at Dealing with the quarter life crisis.

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Youth Of A Nation

A while ago I came across a youtube video made by a university friend of mine. This video looked at the questions and feelings of growing up. A collection of feelings that I’ve found to be related to the theory of a quarter life crisis.

This had me wondering if it really is that bad.

The Youth of a Nation website is an attempt to investigate this.



What does it mean to be young?

What is it like trying to get your act together?

Where is my place in the world?

How do I feel when my plans dont come together?

The Youth of a Nation aims to look at these sorts of questions.

Just testing out a new thing…

Which you would see if iFrames worked on websites…. Anyone know how to make them work, or is it something that wordpress themselves have enforced?

Trying to find change at Manchester Piccadilly

In case you’re interested in such things – my Flickr feed has been updated with photos from the grand holiday – Please feel free to check them out (including the full version of this picture)

The Exeter Fog

Posted: January 14, 2010 in Photo Gallery

Wow… Bit foggy out there tonight…

I have something to admit. I’m slowly getting into photography. I think its maybe due to the combination of getting a semi decent camera (FinePix S5700), and some very unexpected compliments from friends and family. General pondering has led me to wonder about getting a flickr pro account. Now I’ve had a look at it, and cant help but wonder – Whats the point?

It looks like its a fancy back up service for your photos, and not really much more.

So is there any reason why I should go for it, or is that a better photo sharing service I could use?