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Rev Quote

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“If you’re a Vicar what are you doing smoking Fags?”


“Hello….Can you help me?”

Now this is  a bit of a mixed bag.

It follows a similar pattern to last weeks Vincent and the Doctor, in that its less of a sci / cult / monster of the week episode, and more of a 20’s buddy / romantic comedy.

I find the problem with these sorts of movies is that there is often much to say about.

The plot (for what its worth) is that the Doctor is ejected from the TARDIS, and has to survive a week while being disguised as a normal human – while trying to investigate the power source that is stopping the TARDIS from landing.

The power source happens to be up the stairs…

I’m not going to comment too much on the interesting stuff… as that all took place in the last ten minutes, and its worth a watch – if for no other reason then to eat pop corn while watching James Corden playing a likeable character.

Download now or watch on posterous

20100509_135615.mpg (13828 KB)

The Creation exhibition is happening at York Minster until 6th June, if you’re anywhere near there – go and check it out!

Good Advice

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The Cross at York Minster

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How the BNP do it.

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From what I’ve seen of the election campaign, I think the Tory party and the BNP are quite similar. Now before any Tory fans get angry – please hear me out.

From my own personal observations alot of people who are likely to vote Tory, do so because that’s what they do. They believe in what the party stand for, and they’re not likely to be swayed else where.

Now – both myself and other people have seen a BNP name on the ballot paper that they’ve been handed today… Without realising up until that point, that the BNP are standing in their local area. I bet people who are likely to vote BNP know if a BNP candiate is standing or not.

Maybe that’s the reason why people say a vote for anyone is a vote against the BNP. So turn up. And vote.

If needed even vote Tory.

Well what can I say…

The first of some amazing live albums – This kinda sums it up