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Trying to make sense of the church, and all that God stuff

The Church Sofa

Indescribable…The feeling of sitting down on your sofa. You have a drink in hand, control of the TV and for just that one brilliant, shining moment, all sits well with the world.

You then realise that maybe, just maybe you should be at Church…it is 11am on a Sunday after all, and you’ve kinda figured that this God thing works best in a group. So you get your ass off to Church, but you can’t tear your mind away from that sofa back at home.

The Church Sofa is a website from 2 blokes who love God, want to do the whole Church thing but feel more comfortable on that sofa.

Youth of a Nation. Looking at Dealing with the quarter life crisis.

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Youth Of A Nation

A while ago I came across a youtube video made by a university friend of mine. This video looked at the questions and feelings of growing up. A collection of feelings that I’ve found to be related to the theory of a quarter life crisis.

This had me wondering if it really is that bad.

The Youth of a Nation website is an attempt to investigate this.


Sadly a combination of bad bad things have led to the scribbledgames website having some emotional issues… meaning its currently offline 😦

It will come back – I’m just taking the chance for a decent redesign.

Any ideas for what you’d like to see? Please let me know!

EDIT – The youth club games site has had a make over and is now part of the church sofa website.

Quick heads up for anyone interested in ideas for youth or childrens club games.

The main Sacred Fish Site has had a make over – making the whole thing look neater. If you’re looking for ideas for games to play you might want to check it out – but please bear in mind, it still needs some more work!

Aside from the Sacred Fish Blog, in which is here – I have a few other side projects online which I spend a little time on.

My other blog, is more for any collection randomness that goes through my mind. Mostly urrr-ing on being a little geeky – its actually called, “Mutterings of an IT geek“.

The Beer Blog, has had a make over. It looks cleaner, and hopefully looks better! What do you think?

While the Room 515 is my attempt to bring it altogether slowly.

Are you trying to find the facebook rss feed for your status updates? This is basically so you can update your facebook status, and that will update another webpage. (Example being the lifestream wordpress plugin). Well if you’re anything like me and are stuggling to find out the RSS url check this site out for a step by step guide with screenshots.


Crazy scheme time?

Posted: August 26, 2009 in webdesign

Right I have a new idea for a project.

I’m going to adjust the P2 wordpress theme and add another column – will it work – is it another idea to add to the scrap heap? I’ll let you know!