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If you missed it, here is David Cameron talking about the The Big Society idea:

Will it really be possible to have three times the amount of community groups ran? Aren’t people to busy trying to earn a living?

Jedward feel like Jesus??

Posted: July 18, 2010 in Music

It seems that the annoying music (comedy ?) act known as Jedward think they’re as popular as Jesus.

According to the celebrity mag , Now magazine:

We sometimes feel like we’re St Patrick,’ says Edward Grimes.

‘Or Jesus. And they’re our disciples.’

Now Magazine



What does it mean to be young?

What is it like trying to get your act together?

Where is my place in the world?

How do I feel when my plans dont come together?

The Youth of a Nation aims to look at these sorts of questions.

Rev. Quote

Posted: July 17, 2010 in Church, TV Shows
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Dear Lord, I haven’t got long but can I ask for protection for Colin. I mean… I know he’s testing but I’m worried he’s about to get a kicking…

Is it really this bad?

For those people who haven’t heard of her, Jennifer Knapp was a semi famous Christian singer back in the late 90s. I say semi famous because… well you’d have to have known about Christian music to have heard of her. (It may have been different in America).

I’m starting to see her name pop up again on Twitter and various RSS feeds. Not because her first album in nearly ten years is any good but because she has come out as being gay… oh… and she has a new album as well.

Cross Rhythms has an interesting article called Jennifer Knapp’s sexuality causes controversy in US Christian retail – it asks stores in America if they are stocking her new album… and asks why not. The response mostly seems to be “no – no one has heard of her”. Where stores have taken her album of the shelves, the sentiment seems to be “Thank God for Grace”.

I cant help but wonder if the Christian Press has made a bigger deal out of Jennifer Knapp being a lesbian then is needed, and in the process giving her a bag full of free publicity.

While we’re on the topic, has anyone heard the new album – if so, is it any good?

Cross Rhythms

Christianity Today