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Trying to make sense of the church, and all that God stuff

The Church Sofa

Indescribable…The feeling of sitting down on your sofa. You have a drink in hand, control of the TV and for just that one brilliant, shining moment, all sits well with the world.

You then realise that maybe, just maybe you should be at Church…it is 11am on a Sunday after all, and you’ve kinda figured that this God thing works best in a group. So you get your ass off to Church, but you can’t tear your mind away from that sofa back at home.

The Church Sofa is a website from 2 blokes who love God, want to do the whole Church thing but feel more comfortable on that sofa.


Ok. So you’re part of a church, there are a number of activities going on, but you’ve noticed you dont have anything for children / young people in your church or local area during the mid week.

You decide to lay on a few games, set up a pool table, get a wii setup, and some young people have decided to come along. The thing is, you’re a church youth club, and part of you feels like you should be teaching anyone that comes along about God and the Bible.

But why?

I would imagine the reasons why you may want to talk about God, may well depend on the reasons why your church wanted to set up a youth club in the first place.

Maybe you dont think having any Christian input is the way forward? Maybe you want to build up relationships with the people that come along, and then talk about God at a later stage.

Both approaches have merit.  But the most challenging comment that was passed to me was “What makes a Christian youthclub, Christian?”

Sorry no answers here – but maybe something to ponder.

Was amazing…

Head spinning a little – kinda have a headache. Will probably mention more tomorrow…

I have to admit. I dont read much. Not because I struggle reading to myself or anything, its a little about lack interest in anything thats found in books, but mostly because I have other things that I prefer doing…watching TV, DVDs, Web Design, drinking Beer, winning at Mario Kart etc etc…

I’ve also had my own issues with the church in the past. Mostly around the impression I’ve had that people in church are overly positive compared to what life is really like in the outside world. (I’ve moved past this a fair bit over the last few years).

Why I am telling you this? Simply because I cant help but think “The Blokes Bible” has written for me.

Dont think of it as a Bible as such, I would describe more as a set of Bible notes. Each chapter (that focuses on a Bible verse) is short, and split into two sections. The first is a retelling of the Bible passage in question, the second is Dave’s musings on the Bible passage in question. These musings are normally based around his local pub, and can include the landlord, the landlords daughter, and unemployed Dad.

This is an honest book that is set in real life. A refreshing change to most Christian books out there, with the added advantage that it encourages you to look afresh at the Bible itself.

Buy from

Sorry for the lack of updates round here recently, with the Adobe course, holiday, and youthclub stuff going on there hasn’t been much blogging space.

But it that last point that nagging at me a little. You see, we’ve stopped our church youth group for a little while – taking a break over this half term, the idea being to relaunch it after the half term holiday. After how to keep discipline the biggest thing that’s been discussed is the “god slot”.

Namely should we do it? If we should how often, and what should the God Slot look like?

I’m going to try and work though those points over the next week or so. Please stick around and feel free to argue / discuss anything I may say, or point out if I miss anything out.

The Jack Bauer School of Evangelism

With thanks to the sacredsandwich

Sadly a combination of bad bad things have led to the scribbledgames website having some emotional issues… meaning its currently offline 😦

It will come back – I’m just taking the chance for a decent redesign.

Any ideas for what you’d like to see? Please let me know!

EDIT – The youth club games site has had a make over and is now part of the church sofa website.