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Trying to make sense of the church, and all that God stuff

The Church Sofa

Indescribable…The feeling of sitting down on your sofa. You have a drink in hand, control of the TV and for just that one brilliant, shining moment, all sits well with the world.

You then realise that maybe, just maybe you should be at Church…it is 11am on a Sunday after all, and you’ve kinda figured that this God thing works best in a group. So you get your ass off to Church, but you can’t tear your mind away from that sofa back at home.

The Church Sofa is a website from 2 blokes who love God, want to do the whole Church thing but feel more comfortable on that sofa.


What does Richard Dawkins think about being good, death, and the meaning of life:

Check out the BBC website for the interview
With thanks to Blue Fish Project

On a side note does anyone know how I can insert IPlayer into blogs?

Jade Goody…

Posted: January 13, 2009 in News
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Thought someone may find this an interesting read…

Goody ‘turns to God’ to fight cancer

Tuesday, January 13 2009, 21:04 GMT

By David Balls

Rex Features

Goody 'turns to God' to fight cancerJade Goody has started reading the Bible to help fight her cancer battle.

The former Big Brother contestant has turned to God in an effort to remain strong as she undergoes chemotherapy treatment.

“I’ve always thought there’s a God although I’ve never been a churchy kind of person but now I think, ‘Why not go to church?’,” she told The Sun.

“I’ve got a version of the Bible which is easy to read and I look through it when I’m feeling down. It really helps.”

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