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Double Locks, ExeterProject 365

In case you’ve not heard of it. Project365 is when you take one photo each day, each month, for twelve months.

I like the idea of being able to keep track of a year, also taking a photo a day will hopefully both teach me to take better photos, and help keep me looking at things in a new way.

If you’re interested please check out my #project365 website.

Just testing out a new thing…

Which you would see if iFrames worked on websites…. Anyone know how to make them work, or is it something that wordpress themselves have enforced?

I have something to admit. I’m slowly getting into photography. I think its maybe due to the combination of getting a semi decent camera (FinePix S5700), and some very unexpected compliments from friends and family. General pondering has led me to wonder about getting a flickr pro account. Now I’ve had a look at it, and cant help but wonder – Whats the point?

It looks like its a fancy back up service for your photos, and not really much more.

So is there any reason why I should go for it, or is that a better photo sharing service I could use?

An English Summer?

Posted: September 11, 2009 in Photo Gallery
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Did you miss the Summer? I think its started at some point this week!

Photo from our trip to Budleigh Salterton, East Devon taken back in July. Waaaaaaay before Summer began!


Quick Plug Time!


If you’re a fan of the Devon / Cornwall scenary and wildlife please feel free to check out MackayPrints.